Your Weekly Dose of YouTube Videos #2

Let's go over some great content published on YouTube this week.

We will start off with this beautifully animated video by School of Life. It informs about the 7 deadly sins described in the Bible and calls us to understand those who are considered ‘evil' by choosing to guide them instead of condemning them.

Some important quotes from the video:

Pride: "Boasting is only ever a response to a feeling of invisibility".

Envy: "Envy is a graceless way of confronting an idea that is, in other contexts, fundamental to decent ambition as well as modesty of character: the notion that we are incomplete, imperfect and in need of improvement".

Wrath: "We need someone to demonstrate a proper understanding of our underlying fears. We need others to appreciate our fragility".

Gluttony: "Our appetite isn’t essentially bad - it simply hasn’t found its ideal target. Our excess weight is a symbol of our background emotional undernourishment".

Lust: "The so-called ‘bad’ and erotic things we crave feel so exciting because we read them as proofs of someone else’s open-ended affection, which is in such short supply in ordinary life".

Sloth: "Behind our inaction is anticipated disaster, a catastrophizing mind".

Greed: "We’ve felt so neglected and vulnerable, we require ever more".

Like Michael Tucker, the creator of Lessons From A Screenplay, I watched Seven a few times and I loved True Detective's first season within a few minutes into the show. This video explains thoroughly the similarities between the two scripts; the characters, how they are revealed and how the main idea unfolds - changing the two anti- heroes in the end. I think Michael is doing a great job in explaining it, and you must subscribe to his channel if you are a cinephile or a screenwriter or just enjoy a good film analysis.

Moving onto BuzzfeedBlue, this entertaining video is making predictions about us humans' future form. It's quite fun and interesting to watch especially if you are someone who actively thinks of these things and if you like sci-fi films.

Aaand here's a cooking video, which I know is quite random. Though this is not your average cooking channel, watching Peaceful Cuisine by vegan Ryoya Takashima is a therapeutic experience and potentially an OCD person's favourite YouTube channel. It is quite soothing to watch Takashima cook and the amazing food he makes encourages you to try vegan cooking.

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