Killing Time in the Weird Part of YouTube Again?

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We all know YouTube has the power to suck us in like a black hole. I know I experienced it; spent an entire day watching 2-minute videos, telling myself every time that "it is just a 2-minute video" before I realise an entire day was gone.

Unfortunately, I cannot magically bring that time back for you, but next time you want to unwind a little bit on YouTube, you can check out this list of YouTube channels to spend some quality time.

So sit back and enjoy the top educational YouTube channels list!

1. The School of Life

The School of Life is actually an emotional intelligence centre, covering issues such as relationships, philosophy, psychology, and how to approach life as a whole. They have a vast amount of animated videos on YouTube, which are quite educational, fun and explanatory.

They even have sections on their channel such as Comedy, Pop Culture, Work + Capitalism, Self, Relationships and more you can explore.

As they put it: "We love the humanities, especially philosophy, psychotherapy, literature and art - always going to them in search of ideas that are thought-provoking, useful and consoling. We're about wisdom, emotional intelligence and self-understanding".

2. CrashCourse

Similar to School of Life, CrashCourse brings you educational animation videos, which the host explains a subject throughout the video. They make videos about computer science, film history, mythology, physics, philosophy, games, astronomy, world history, biology, literature, psychology, and more!

CrashCourse is the creation of YouTube's most famous brothers, vlogbrothers John Green (yes author of The Fault in Our Stars) and Hank Green. They believe education should be free and accessible to anyone. Some of their videos include subtitles in various languages, however, not all.

3. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

Bit newer in the game than the others, In a Nutshell makes videos that aim "explaining things with optimistic nihilism", which honestly if you are worried about the possibility of some new epidemic destroying human life, feels comforting.

Their videos are extremely entertaining and educating at the same time. If you want general information about some current issues and debates the world is going on about (such as GMOs, Brexit, AI, over population etc.), it is worth checking their channel out. They only make one video per month at the moment, hopefully they will be making videos more frequently in the future.

4. Khan Academy

Ahh yes, this brings me back to memories. You see, Khan Academy is the reason I passed Biology class in high school. Their videos are just amazingly well designed for students to understand a subject thoroughly. For anyone preparing for exams, I assure you Khan Academy is your saviour.

Just click the link on the title to go to their website and discover the subjects. You can also find quizzes to test what you have learned. They even provide computer programming classes.

Last but not least:

5. Ted Talks

Well, this is pretty straight forward. There is something about the TedTalks format that makes you feel like you cannot get enough of it. It's as if you are connecting with these intelligent, inspirational, amazing people who give Ted Talks lectures, on a human level. Because they talk about themselves, their failures, childhood and you instantly have that light bulb lighting up in your head, making you say "I can do it too".

Of course, you may not be the most successful, the most good looking or most intelligent but you are unique no matter what. Ted Talks not only gives you a broad understanding of a subject that you may not be familiar with, but also lets you connect with 'ordinarily amazing' people who have accomplished amazing things.

So there you have it, now go and 'live' your time on YouTube!

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