Eat Out: Islington, London

Angel and Islington are my favourite places to go for a bite, chill next to the canal in summer (when it is actually summer) or to have a beer in one of the local pubs.

Also, my favourite Turkish restaurant Kilis Kitchen is just between these two.

Rakı, mezze, mucver

I can't help but be a little bit biased when it comes to food. I love a good Turkish meal as much as the next Turkish person, but somehow, that already means I will tell you how great Turkish cuisine is in every chance I get.

That is because; Turkish food is extremely diverse, rich, and every region in Turkey has its own version of a meal. Turkey experiences 4 seasons and since it has connections to Arabic, Persian, Syrian, Greek, Armenian and many more cultures, the creativity in food is beyond imagination.

Aegean Sea, Mediterranean Sea and Anatolia

You can find the best of Mediterranean and Aegean food; amazing olive oil, olives, delicious vegetables, sea food, fresh fruit, creamy cheeses, light desserts and pastries near the coast.

Leaving the coast and moving towards central Anatolia, you can find endless versions of meat, cheeses, bread, pastries and other delicacies. You already know about Kebab, baklava, Turkish delight and so on, but there is much more.

Someone who knows a lot more about this than I do is London-based chef Irem Aksu (read her article on VICE), who founded the supper club Topik London.

Kilis Kitchen provides a good variety of Turkish food and I tried and approved many.


Mücver (pictured): zucchini & feta cheese fritters served with mixed leaves & yogurt dip

It is actually quite easy to eat vegetarian in a Turkish restaurant, because most of the Mediterranean and Aegean food in Turkey is made with vegetables, olive oil and mezze (except they are actually accompanying fish & sea food).

Mezze platter: humous, cacik, diced aubergine, kısır etc.

Lahmacun: a must-eat delicious meat and dough combination, known as 'Turkish pizza'... Pretty sure it existed before pizza did.

Homemade lentil soup

Shish Kofte (Adana): char-grilled spicy hand chopped minced lamb with herbs

İçli Köfte (Kıbbeh): bulgur wheat kofte stuffed with minced meat and walnuts (this one is a MUST-EAT)

Rakı (pictured): if we are going for Turkish food and you are not drinking Rakı, I'll judge you.

I used to hate Rakı, if I can drink and enjoy it now, you can too. Also, there will be no hangovers with this drink if you keep it around 3-4 'tek', which means filling 1/3 of the glass.

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