5 Useful Yoga Channels on YouTube

For me, yoga is all about good instructions. Finding the best practice for you and the best instructor in the type of yoga you choose to do, is the key for a long-lasting practice. I remember the first time I began doing yoga 7 years ago through YouTube and to this day, I haven't stopped doing it because I found what works for me and what I enjoy doing.

You absolutely do not need to pay to exercise like a gym membership, or classes (unless you want to) and because you really should exercise 3 times a week, yoga is perfect for patient and dedicated individuals who want to improve their strength, overall health and body shape. So, if you don't have any muscle or joint issues etc, you can start with beginner yoga videos on YouTube and as you improve, you can try more advanced yoga exercises, even sign up for an advanced course and maybe become a yogi yourself!

Unlike many of the yoga channels, I am bringing you 5 genuine professionals who teach you yoga without constantly talking about the generic philosophical bullshit. (Sorry yoga is purely an exercise to me)

Where it all started

In 2010, when I first checked out YouTube to look for a yoga channel, I found SeanVigueFitness. Whether you're a male or female, you can try his videos and Sean is truly a cool instructor with a deep soothing voice and his rhythm is easy to follow. Since then, I think he's deleted some of his beginner workout videos, but this one is still there.

I would recommend you to start with longer videos and really give your body the flexibility and the strength to move onto shorter but more dynamic videos.

Moving onto: Vinyasa Flow

I am so glad I discovered vinyasa flow early on because I think it is the most fun and dynamic out of all the yoga practices. I started with a 40-minute workout by Sadie Nardini and did it until I knew the positions by heart and I could do the whole video without breaking sweat. Sadie is a very well known instructor and she is great, though I got easily tired of her because I didn't want to hear someone talking through the workout.

The best instructor ever: Erica Vetra

I cannot thank her enough. The sweetest, most genuine yoga instructor ever, Erica Vetra from the channel PsycheTruth really motivated me to practice yoga at least 3 times a week thanks to her dynamic rhythm and clear instructions. I definitely believe she is the best instructor out there, because she really reflects her love for yoga and doesn't take herself too seriously, and honestly thinks anyone can do what she's doing. She is an athlete and as far as I know, she has trained in different types of martial arts as well. I just love how strong I feel after completing her videos.

My absolute favourite video of her is this one.

The sweet and popular

Yoga with Adrienne is the first channel that comes up when you search for yoga on YouTube, which is fair because anyone can do Adrienne's videos. She is sweet, she produces content regularly, she mixes up different styles of yoga and she is a great Youtuber.

When you are ready to burn and stretch those muscles

Another powerhouse like Erica is Leigha Butler, better for intermediate or advanced levels. She brings all skills you gain throughout your practice together. You will have a fast pace, you will need to take care of your breath and you will need to be flexible and strong at the same time. So, Leigha really is the last instructor to come to, when everything else feels too easy.

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