How to use TweetDeck for Social Media Management and Social Listening

What is TweetDeck for? If you've been stressing out because there is just too much stuff out there to keep up with, continue reading. I am going to talk about an online, free tool that will help you organise your Twitter feed effectively so you can stay up to date with topics that matter to you and your business.

What is TweetDeck and why should you use it?

TweetDeck is basically a scheduler and categoriser for your Twitter feed. You can tweet from multiple accounts, divide feeds according to your lists, search live tweets on trending topics (or just any topic really) and more. So, if you've established that it's really important for you to be present on Twitter for your business, then you should use TweetDeck for sure. It looks like this:

TweetDeck screen

First, just go to and enter your Twitter username and password. When you've got the Deck in front of you, just customise by adding columns.

TweetDeck add column

You'll have options to add your notifications, lists, activity, messages, trending topics, and even searches. The whole point of TweetDeck is to make it easier for you to manage your Twitter account, keep up with advancements in your industry and gain more followers by allowing you to engage with important people.

Using Lists on TweetDeck

I strongly recommend you to work on building your own lists before starting to use TweetDeck. You can learn more about that in my previous post here.

The reason why it's important to know how to build your own lists before you use TweetDeck is because it is the most effective way to filter out BS from your feed and categorise all your interests separately. When you do that, you can keep up with a lot of things at the same time without getting your attention divided.

Say you are really interested in AI. You can add all the influencers you follow on a list and monitor their tweets by adding a list column on TweetDeck. On another column, you can have news about AI. If you see something interesting, you can connect with an influencer through the topic and start a conversation.

Also, you will be able to pick out tweets you'd like to retweet easily if you add lists to TweetDeck as well as following people, topics and threads you think are important. Not to mention how easy it is to social listen with TweetDeck.

Use a keyword to search for something people are talking about. You can filter the content, location, engagement and even the type of media that shows up. You can also add keywords that should be included or excluded.

Schedule Your Tweets with TweetDeck

TweetDeck scheduler

Another great feature of TweetDeck is that it let's you schedule tweets. So if you have a Twitter strategy and how much you will tweet per day, when and about what, you are good to go. If you are a curator, Twitter Lists and TweetDeck will definitely help you but I want to talk about another great tool for curating: Refind.

Refind is a curator website that integrates with your Twitter and curates content according to your interests. They filter out BS for you and email you suggestions as frequently as you like from resources of your choosing. I think Facebook should really develop a similar filter for the content that's being shared on their feeds actually.

Anyway, this is how you use TweetDeck. Start tweeting and connecting with others in your niche!

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