Rae Morris: Unguarded is the story of me

Rae Morris

I spoke to Blackpool songstress Rae Morris before the release of her anticipated album Unguarded, and talked about growing up and being in the music industry. She is certainly part of the young women who has accomplished some amazing things this year. Only 22 years old, Rae toured her way through the UK opening for George Ezra, released her debut album and she will be headlining her own tour in Europe and the UK.

Rae was excited about her album coming out and told me she was cautious during the process, "I was kind of making sure I was doing the best album I could make". Admitting she is a perfectionist, Rae is absolutely right when she says, "it is the only first album you get to make". Also, Unguarded has a special place for Rae: "I feel like this album is the story of me, of me growing up and coming of age and I think it's a series of diary entries. Those ages between 17 and 21, and how you become everything that you're going to be for the rest of your life... I find it kind of interesting to watch over these emotions I worked through and I think most people go through the same things and it could be quite interesting for them as well".

Another tour is on her plate and Rae tells me the best part about it is taking her time just before and going home. She grew up in Blackpool, saying it was amazing having her family and friends around her during the time. "For me it's a very emotinal place, because of its history and because of its faded elegance, I don't know how to define it but it's an interesting place to grow up". I imagine she misses her parents but she says they love travelling and that they follow the tour. Awesome parents indeed!

Moving through the serious questions, I ask her how she finds the industry as a young female musician. "I'd say that the industry is incredible and as a female I feel privileged to be around so many other amazing talented females", she remarks that "more females are being put in the spotlight for their talent and the it is growing so rapidly because jobs [in the industry] that maybe predominantly a male job is not just a male job anymore". As well as the music industry, Rae believes "women generally should support each other in everyday life. In any industry it's very important to have somebody to talk to that's going through the same thing as you are and is aware of the tribulations of what you do everyday". She says she is lucky to have many supportive fellow musicians beside her that help her out.

Having many musicians around her sure must draw her to create together and she says she wants to create for and together with many people. "At the moment I'm very interested in writing with people or maybe for other people. I'd love to work with some electronic musicians, I'd love to write with James Blake but I'm not sure if he'd be up for it!" she laughs but why not?!

Finally she shout out to young musicians and says, "Take every opportunity, no matter how small so you have the experience. You never know what is going to happen".

My suggestions: Skin, Under the Shadows and Love Again

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