Cold Specks creates a new genre: Doom Soul

Al Spx from Cold Specks

image copyright: Peter Troest

Cold Specks is the creation of Canadian singer/songwriter Al Spx, who describes her music as Doom Soul. It may be the perfect explanation for the genre of music she makes, as there is darkness to her voice that compliments her lyrics and the sound Cold Specks captures. Her songs move through different levels as if they are accompanying you in a twisted fairytale. As authentic as Al Spx's voice, Cold Specks' second album Neuroplasticity is trusted to be a brilliant addition to any melancholic's playlist. She has also collaborated with Moby on his latest album Innocents, which produced one of the best tracks in the album, A Case for Shame. (a must-listen!)

A Broken Memory is the opener of Neuroplasticity, which pretty much sets the scene of the album; it is an obscure but exciting track. Bodies at Bay is much lighter in comparison, but shows the harmonic quality of Spx's voice. Old Knives breaks the pattern in a good way, it is one of the most filled songs of the album. A Quiet Chill has powerful rhythm, but the highlight of the album is Absisto, having that story-telling aspect all over, which makes the punchy single very enjoyable.

A useful tip is listening Cold Specks with your eyes closed.

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