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Karen Marie Ørsted

Angel, one of the most renowned music venues of London welcomed the danish band MØ in March. I went to interview Karen Marie Ørsted, the front-woman of MØ before the concert, when the venue was still naked and pure, without the colourful lights taking over and the huge crowd filling every corner.

First things first, I asked why the band was called MØ and Karen told me MØ meant maiden in danish and that she chose the name because it was her initials as well as his grandfather's, who was a painter signing his pictures MØ. She also told me that she likes the irony that a maiden is supposed to be pure but her songs are about being a teenager, during the time we grow out of being a child.

Marie is also energetic and vibrant like a child and she has an attitude. It is almost like her songs portray her character, she says: “I'm a person with a lot of contrast because I have this aggression and attitude and energy but I'm also a sensitive person. I'm also very vulnerable so I think it's the combination of this two things that kind of define the feeling spectrum. I mean, I like pop music that has edge and has some balls but you shouldn't hide behind all these, you need to come through with your true emotions so it's a combination of these two things. When you listen to music, you have to be able to feel the person behind it so it doesn't become a machine. It's important to feel that person”.

She is truly an artist who belongs to the stage and she has known it ever since she was a child. ”Since I was 7 it has been my big f*cking passion... It has always been my biggest dream and my biggest passion so I always drove towards that goal” she says. She has been working and touring for a long time so I asked her if being away from home influences her music. “I guess so. The solitude and the dreaming away of course but I was also inspired when I had time. It's just about finding that place that stays on mind and then you feel inspired. I mean, I guess I get inspired by traveling too”.

Marie sounds soulful and real when she speaks, she explains the philosophy she lives by:

“Some of the things I learned these past 2 years, I mean this is very cheesy and banal but every time I reached the best results have been when I tried to be totally honest and not trying to be something I'm not and just having my feet on the ground. It always pays off to be… I mean I know this is cheesy but to really listen to what you feel and to go do that. I mean, not to be egocentric but you shouldn't strive to be something you're not, you should admit your flaws and find the beauty within that and not be afraid to show people that you're not perfect. You don't f*cking have to be perfect. We don't need that, I hate that! You should be who you are and just be happy with that. And that's also important because if you put up this façade of someone you want to be then it can fall apart. It's important to remember what you are”.

She expresses herself so well in person and during her performance, it was easy for the audience to lose themselves in the music, because she was doing the exact thing when performing. During that one and a half hour, she never stopped moving, she stage-dived, she danced, she managed to connect every single soul in the venue to the music, and to herself. I NEED to see her perform again!

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