House of Cards is the best political thriller series on Netflix

Robin Wright and Kevin Spacey in House of Cards

I have to say, I watched the first episode before the second season started and it didn't really draw me in at the time. Though, two weeks ago I binge-watched the two seasons of House of Cards in 4 days and I was absolutely in love with this amazing political thriller and drama series. I am devastated that I have to wait until 2015 for the new season. Now, let me tell you a little bit about this glorified Netflix series. The series is based on Lord Dobbs' novel by the same name and it tells the story of an intelligent and power-thirsty congressman, Frank Underwood. It is fast paced and extremely interesting and you always feel on edge, waiting for Frank's next move. Even if you are not interested in politics, you will be drawn to Frank Underwood's character, his relationships and the show's fluent narrative. This is established in the first episode, as it starts with an accurate introduction of Frank Underwood, played by the brilliant actor Kevin Spacey. Throughout the series, you begin a journey of loving and hating Frank's character but always watching him in awe. His companion, his wife and "the woman he loves more than sharks love blood" Claire Underwood, played by the beautiful Robin Wright, is the backbone of Frank's story as she helps his plans of revenge and success.

There are many interesting characters that you emphatise with and grow to love, and you are witnessing them acting as pawns in Frank's game but you also know they possess their own power against him.

I will always love intelligent villains, especially when they are leading the storyline. If you are seeking something original, well scripted with amazing actors, you might as well start HoC immediately!

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