True Detective's First Season was mind-blowing!

Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson in True Detective

image copyright: HBO

A new TV series called "True Detective" is even better than I expected it to be, spare yourself the confusion of trying to choose a series to watch by watching too many YouTube trailers and start watching this.

I think I was craving for a good crime drama series after Dexter ended and True Detective seems like it will provide this void in my life. Though I mentioned Dexter before, they haven't got anything in common besides the fact that both are simply good productions with engaging performances, interesting storyline and beautiful filming.

True Detective is about two detectives who are partnered up together to solve a series of murders in Louisiana. Matthew McConaughey plays Detective Rust Cohle, a mysterious and bitter man who likes to contemplate, a lot. The best part of the series is watching Rust's layered personality and past reveal themselves slowly, though a lot of it remains unclear.

The Characters

McConaughey certainly lives the role, in my opinion, his capabilities were best proven by his performance in Dallas Buyers Club. His partner Martin Hart, is played by Woody Harrelson, who is a "normal man" and his presence is a key element in building Cohle's character and mind-blowing monologues. Hart's family life is interesting and a cool addition to the story, because it softens up the overall grim mood of the series. I must say, the way they structured the story is very intelligent, as it moves quick and without boring the viewer however complicated the plot can be. Also, Cohle's philosophical monologues and arguments with Martin are very entertaining. If you are looking for a sophisticated drama involving crime and mystery at the moment, take a look at True Detective and you will agree that it is worth your time. Bonus: This series is in anthology format, meaning the second season will feature different characters and story.

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