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Ymagination is a multifaceted company that provides copywriting, blogging, social media management and consultancy services. We work with small businesses and freelancers in building their brand's voice, social media profiles, digital content and general online presence.

Branding and reputation aside, words are still the most effective way to get your message across and convince people to do things. So don't you worry because from email marketing to newsletters, blog posts, social media campaigns, we've got your back. 

We value creativity, integrity and the power of collaboration. Our clients know we are flexible, always happy to help and their partner in crime (not literally - no crime was committed by Ymagination!). 



"I worked with Ruya for my website copy. Despite such short notice she was able to provide excellent copy and a very professional service. She went the extra mile and really understand the nature of my business and its needs before delivering the text-which I immediately uploaded on my website and social media channels. Her detail oriented approach and competence were really appreciated and I know I can very much rely on her for my future copywriting/blog needs."

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Building ideas, engaging customers, providing creative solutions, producing unique content, reaching out to your audience and selling your products.

Please also feel free to enquire about design services.

socıal medıa

Account managing to enhance your online presence, converse with your customers, produce campaigns to introduce new products and building the right digital marketing strategy.

Please get in touch for video production and photography services.


Sharing your knowledge to boost your credibility, creating SEO content to pull in new potential customers to your website, writing information about new products, creating new leads through content marketing.

Please get in touch to access my writing portfolio.


Understand more about digital marketing like running ads online, creating your own social media content, the correct SEO practices, how to automise online business growth and how to use social media for your business or personal brand.

Contact me to schedule a 30 minute free consultation.




Just kidding! I know you are there. Otherwise who is reading this? I hope you got the Pink Floyd reference by the way, I've got more where that came from. 

My name is Rüya, I'm a freelance writer based in the hectic and wonderful London town. I am the human behind Ymagination, a hard working one, and I am working hard to make people read again! Read better, insightful, and entertaining content. 

Content is more accessible than ever before but the problem is the kind of content people consume. As a millennial who has been bombarded with content on the internet ever since 2000s, I understand the language digital age created very well and I use this knowledge to my advantage. 


The keyword here is communication. People want genuine communication from the brands, businesses and services they use. Your social media is important, whatever you share online is important, your customers' social profiles and how they engage with you is important! I am here to help you communicate with them better and to consult you on how you can use your online presence to work for you! 


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London, UK

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